ECO Impact 2021 Webinar Bundle

This webinar bundle allows you to access all of the technical content from the ECO Impact 2021 learning series and explores how Canada can turn the current economic and environmental challenges into opportunities, promoting innovation and technology to drive sustainable economic growth.

Opening Panel: People | Planet | Profit – Finding The Balance

This is the theme of ECO Impact 2021 because we believe that only by balancing the needs of these 3 groups can we achieve truly sustainable economic growth. Our opening panellists discuss how they are finding the balance in their industry.

  • Frances Edmonds, Head of Sustainable Impact, HP Canada
  • Bruce Passmore, Former Executive Director, CPAWS
  • Mike Blair, Vice President Exploration & New Ventures, Crescent Point Energy

Growing Canada’s Blue Economy

Canada’s oceans have long influenced its economy, environment, and society. This session explores how technology and innovation can help cement Canada as a global leader in the blue economy.

  • Kendra McDonald, CEO, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster
  • Andrew Lafford, Dean of the School of Technology and Environment, Nova Scotia Community College
  • Elisabeth Charmley, Co-founder, Vancouver Maritime Centre for Climate

Innovation In Canada’s Cleantech Sector

By 2022 the cleantech sector is estimated to be a $2.5 trillion industry. Canada has what it takes to capture a big slice of the global Cleantech opportunity. Meet some of the innovators driving the development of Canada’s cleantech sector.

  • Rob Lacey, President, Delta Remediation
  • Ademola Adekunle, Project Manager & Research Officer, National Research Council Canada
  • Martin Yuill, Executive Director, Cleantech Commons

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

Climate change adaptation and mitigation are going to require action and innovation across all sectors and industries. This session dives into how Canada’s environmental sector is meeting the challenges posed by climate change.

  • Dr Xin Qiu, Principal & Technical Director – Climate Change and Air Quality, SLR Canada
  • Bryan Buggey, Director, Vancouver Economic Commission
  • Lauren Bortolotti, Research Scientist, Ducks Unlimited Canada

The Road To Recovery Can Be Green - Economic Recovery In Canada

2020 has been a challenging year for Canada’s environmental sector. As we all look to the future and start planning for recovery, there is an opportunity for the environmental sector. Our panelists share the economic impacts of COVID-19 and how employers have adapted.

  • Saïka Sarazin, Invest in Canada
  • Heather McAneney, HR Manager, SLR Canada
  • Faramarz Bogzaran, Managing Partner at F & M Management Ltd

Futureproofing The Environmental Workforce

While other markets face long recoveries ahead, forecasts for environmental employment demand are positive with job openings anticipated to approach a quarter-million by 2029. Investing in human capital is vital to the success of Canada’s green economy and our panellists look at how to meet the hiring demand over the next decade.

  • Geni Peters, LMI Manager, ECO Canada
  • Amber Doney, Chair, Women in Mining/ Women in Nuclear SK
  • Kathy Abusow, President and CEO, Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)

Digital Skills For Success

In today's workplace, digital skills are becoming increasingly important. New technology, process automation, innovative software and apps are becoming more commonplace, with many professionals and employers struggling to keep up. Our panellists will discuss how to address the digital skills gap and explore how technology is changing the environmental sector.

  • Vincent Lam, CEO, Matidor
  • Chris Pinkerton, President and COO, Get in the Loop
  • Josh Kahan, Continual Energy

Canada’s Energy Transition – Where Tradition Meets Innovation

An energy transition is underway in Canada and is likely to continue over the next few decades. This transition represents a real opportunity for Canadians. Meet some of the leaders who are helping to redefine Canada’s energy sector.

  • David Isaac, Owner, WDusk Group
  • Kaella-Marie Earle, Project Manager, Enbridge
  • Brodie Chalmers, ATCO

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