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We offer employment programs that stimulate environmental career pathways, skill development, business growth, workforce support and workforce advancement through wage and training funding.


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ECO Employment Programs

For over 20 years, we have been connecting environmental employers and skilled junior talent through wage and training funding programs to drive valuable on-the-job work experience and essential skills development.

Thanks to the support of our funders – Natural Resources Canada, Climate Change Canada, Social Development Canada, and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada – we can offer you dollars to increase organization capacity and support your business participation in the green economy.

By helping your team with wage and training costs, we make hiring new talent more attractive.

Benefits for Employers:

Explore Each Funding Stream and Apply Online

Learn more about each of the available wage and training funding streams, your eligibility and get started with your application.


How it Works

As an approved Host Employer, you are committed to the success of the placement, the candidate and the overall growth of qualified environmental workers in Canada. We look forward to working with your team to meet these objectives!

Science Horizons Youth Internship: Open

The Science Horizons Program provides training and funding for young professionals with post-secondary education transition or gain experience in the environmental sector, focusing mainly on STEM.

Eligible employers can receive up to 80% wage coverage up to $25,000 of a candidate’s salary for placement in a new full-time 6 to 12 month position.

Youth in Natural Resources: Waitlist

The Youth in Natural Resources program helps train and fund youth (aged 15 to 30) looking to transition into or gain experience within the natural resources field.

Eligible employers can receive 75% of the candidate’s wages covered up to a maximum of $18,000 for placements of up to 12 months.

Environmental Jobs Growth Program: Open

The Environmental Jobs Growth Program helps employers grow, develop and diversify their environmental talent. The program welcomes any job seeker looking to enter or advance their careers in the clean economy.


Eligible employers can receive up to $18,750 of a candidate's salary for placement in a new or vacant full or part-time 6 to 12-month position.

Apprenticeship Service
Program: Open

The Apprenticeship Services Program is designed to make it easier for small to medium enterprises to hire first-year Red Seal trade apprentices.

Employers can receive $5,000 When Hiring a First-Year Apprentice; or $10,000 When Hiring a Self-Identified Equity Deserving First-Year Apprentice.

Environmental Employability Pathways: Open

The Environmental Employability Pathways program aims to help all youth (age 15 to 30) navigate the labour market and help them find a permanent position.

Eligible small and medium-sized businesses receive 50% wage coverage up to $12,000 of a participant’s salary for a placement in a new full or part-time position.

Digital Skills For Youth: Closed

The Digital Skills for Youth program provides training for young professionals with post-secondary education who want to gain experience or join the environmental digital skills sector.

Eligible employers of small to medium-sized businesses (< 500 staff) can receive 80% wage coverage up to $18,000 for a minimum 3 to 12 month full-time or part-time placement.

Environmental Foreign Talent Development Program: Open

The Environmental Foreign Talent Development Program is meant to help newcomers to Canada find work that matches their experience from abroad.

Eligible employers can receive 75% wage coverage up to $15,000 of a participant’s
salary for full-time placements of 3 to 6 months.

Nature-Based Climate Solutions Program: Waitlist

The Nature-Based Climate Solutions program provides training and funding for workers moving into roles in habitat restoration, watershed restoration, well reclamation and regenerative agriculture.
Eligible employers can receive $4,500 wage subsidy for a 3-month placement full-time or part-time placement.

Student Work Placement
(Co-op): Open

ECO Canada's Co-op program partners with post-secondary institutions and aims to help students find work placements within their field of study.

Eligible employers can receive 50% wage coverage up to $5,000 of a student’s salary for a placement in a new full or part-time 6 to 16 week position with a minimum of 180 hours.

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Student Testimonial

“I very much appreciate how easy the application and reporting processes are. Love the web platform.

Magnus led a team of Indigenous Forest brushing youth crew in the community of KI in Far North. He truly raised to this role and led by an example of good work ethic, kindness and problem solving.

He truly knocked the socks off for all of us at NorthWinds. We believe youth training is a moral obligation of professionals to keep a reliable pool of highly qualified experts.

Summer students help with seasonal workload increases. Working with youth is motivating for our staff.”

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