Introduction to Waste Auditing

Join Ben from AET, an Environmental Consultancy firm, for an introductory session on waste auditing.

Expert: Ben Dunbar
Manager of Waste Services at AET Group (AET)

Ben Dunbar is the Manager of Waste Services at AET Group (AET), where he leads a team of 14 full-time waste auditors. Ben graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, completed a post-graduate certificate in Environmental Management and Assessment at Niagara College, and is a Canadian Certified Environmental Professional (EP-Waste). He has over 15 years of experience coordinating and completing solid waste studies and developing waste management programs for all levels of government and IC&I sectors including optimization studies at material recovery facilities, curbside participation studies, new program pilot studies, construction waste management and inspections, and waste assessments and analysis including GHG emissions calculations. Ben is also a 3RCertified evaluator and waste auditor training course instructor for the Circular Innovation Council.

This webinar covers:

  • an overview of waste audit types (Desktop vs. physical; internal vs. external)
  • why waste audits are done (regulatory, contractual, voluntary, etc.)
  • Planning and preparation for waste auditing
    • Scope/Objective
    • Health & Safety
    • Equipment & audit set-up
  • calculations/performance indicators for a complete understanding of the audit

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60 mins
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This webinar is worth 3 EP PD Credits.
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