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Digital Skills For Youth (DS4Y)

Through this internship program, your business can increase the supply of highly qualified candidates and facilitate their transition to a rapidly changing labour market in the digital economy. 

The Digital Skills for Youth program allows you to leverage the knowledge of a tech-savvy, educated youth population to future-proof your business.

For Employers

For employers, this program is designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized companies (under 500 employees).

It provides the opportunity to onboard young professionals and create meaningful environmental jobs with a focus on digital skills by removing limitations and challenges of hiring new grads. 

  • Receive 80% up to $18,000 in funding towards a participant’s salary.
  • Job must be environmentally-related with a digital component.
  • Employers must have fewer than 500 employees.
  • Employers must be Canadian-owned or a Canadian subsidiary with focus given to Not-for-Profit organizations.
  • Funding will cover full-time or part-time placements that are a minimum of 3 months.

For Young Professionals

The Digital Skills for Youth Program provides training and funding for young professionals with post-secondary education to help them transition into the workforce and gain experience in the environmental Digital Skills sector.

The program helps build a network of peers and mentors.

  • This program is open to participants between the age of 15-30.
  • This program is designed for digital skill development.
  • Eligible candidates must be a post-secondary graduate or high school graduate (territories only).
  • This program is open to individuals who hold Canadian citizenship, Canadian permanent residency status, or Canadian refugee status.
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Eligible Employers Receive 80% Wage Coverage Up To $18,000 of a Candidate’s Salary for Placement

How Does the Digital Skills For Youth (DS4Y) Program Work?

1. Apply Online

Fill out our eligibility assessment and application.

2. Get Approved

Candidates and employers will be informed by email once they are pre-qualified to participate in the program.

3. Recruitment

Candidates and Employers are required to find their own placement, ECO Canada can offer helpful resources such as the Job Board (where hosts can post a job and candidates can submit their resume).

4. Receive Funding 

Funding is secured once a match is confirmed between the employer and a pre-approved candidate and contract agreements have been signed and returned to us within 15 days of being issued.

5. Secure Funding 

This program offers eligible employers 80% wage coverage up to $18,000 of a candidate’s salary for a placement in a new full-time or part-time 3 to 12 month position. Both the employer and candidate must fill out reports throughout the placement for the employer to receive the wage subsidy.

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Digital Skills For Youth

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Digital Skills For Youth


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